Staff Benefits

Our aim is to provide staff with a workplace that is happy and rewarding; one that helps you become your best professionally, in order to achieve your professional goals. Here are just a few of the things we do:

We provide ongoing training and development:

This is not only to provide staff with technical skills but also to give you transferable life skills. If we identify areas where you need further training and development, all courses are fully sponsored by our business so the team are not required to pay anything in order to further their education.

On the job training and mentoring are the main approaches to employee development. We support employees who aspires to gain additional skills and knowledge including a formal qualification, subject to a direct and relevant connection to their role.

Group Salary Continuance:

Our group salary continuance insurance aims to provide our permanent employees with an income stream in the event of a non-work injury or illness. The scheme replaces up to 75% of an employees’ annual base salary up to a maximum period of 2-years. Employees also have the option to extend or top up cover directly with the insurer.

Industry leader in the after-market:

Being the industry leader in the aftermarket means you get to showcase your talents on the worldwide stage. You will have the opportunity to liaise with leading manufacturers and specialist suppliers in all regions of the world.

Competitive rate of pay plus incentives for roles:

Our staff are the biggest assets to our business. For this reason we pay competitively within our industry to reward and recognise exceptional team and individual performance.

Promotional opportunities across our network:

In over 2 decades, we have witnessed the development, growth and promotion of talented and driven individuals within the Multispares group in Australia and New Zealand. We are able to provide our staff with significant learning opportunities so when the opportunity comes up, we look at promoting from within.

Family friendly and flexible workplace:

We believe that happy staff are productive staff, and happiness starts at home. Therefore as an organisation we do our best to accommodate the responsibilities that you have outside of the office. This includes establishing reasonable and fair work hours and a "give and take" culture.


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